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Local Produce Exchange Project

The Children’s Fire Movement is planning to create a web-based system to support local growers/producers with…

  • A veggie/produce exchange (Phase 1):

    Excess produce (fruit, veg, seeds, honey, bread, wine etc) could be swapped/bartered with other local producers creating more community cohesion and resilience.

  • A public platform for selling produce (Phase 2):

    The system could be enhanced to provide a public outlet for those who want to support their local community and shop ethically. This could become quite complex and will probably need to include systems such as distribution.

The original catalyst for this project comes from Antony’s (Antony is the founder of the CFM) desire to start up an ethical garden centre in contrast to the Monsanto-supporting chain stores that are so prevalent these days. It’s a big outlay for an individual, but for a community…?

There are already websites doing something similar to phase 1, though more basic than what we’re proposing.

As the system is being provided by the Children’s Fire Movement the main prerequisite of this scheme (other than to make it as comprehensive as possible) is that it must be as transparent as possible regarding the ethical status of each item being exchanged/sold. As well as including details regarding what is available and when it will also need to include production methods used such as how it has been grown, chemicals/products used, road miles etc. Also, any profits generated by the system will need to go back into the relevant local communities and distributed via transparent, local democracies.

It would be great to get your feedback on this project.

Though we can handle the technical side of things we need to have some initial support from a few individuals/groups (who feel motivated to realise this in their local community) in order for us to  properly move forward with this project.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to comment on, or be a part of, this exciting new project…

Thank you.


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