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News Update (including video log) – July 2017

Dear friend of the Children’s Fire Movement (CFM),

At long last the buddygroups support platform has now reached a stage in its development where it can be used by the CFM. As a result, we are now in a position to re-engage publicly and to begin moving the Children’s Fire Movement out into the world.

Please watch the following short video from the movement’s founder, Antony Cholerton, for a brief insight into what is currently unfolding through the CFM.

We need your support:

We really do need your support at this crucial time of transition. In some ways it’s as though we are starting afresh as until now we’ve not really been able to fully focus our energies on moving the CFM out into the world and, in the meantime we have also evolved… we now have a platform to connect CFM Community Members and CFM Guides together and to provide focused support via online training.

In order to both cover our running expenses, be able to focus our energies on providing individuals and groups with support and to promote the movement as best we can (with it’s core ethic of Life First) we do need people who feel a resonance with what we stand for to help us at this time. We appreciate that not everyone will be able to support us financially, however, sharing our Facebook posts, web pages, videos and these news updates with your friends, family and wider social networks are a great way of supporting us with growing the movement and spreading awareness of the Life First ethic (and, our Custodian Memberships start from as little as £0.83 per month which is less than half a cup of high street coffee!).

Below are information links to the main ways in which you can support us:

Also, if you haven’t already, please do sign and share our campaign for Life First at…

Thank you for your continued support – for our future generations.

Antony Cholerton


PS: Below is a short video introducing the Eight Steps of our new online training called the one programme… (if you like it, please do share it).

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