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Preparing for the PTSD Pilot Programme

Beginning preparations for the PTSD pilot programme due to start this Thursday. We’ll be working with ex-military servicemen and women…

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Finished recording ‘Hollow Bone’.

I’ve just got back from recording ‘Hollow Bone’, the acoustic b-side to the Children’s Fire promotional song…

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Children’s Fire Song now available for download!

The Children’s Fire promotional song is now available for download at Bandcamp.com.

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David Lawrie

Game on! Recording with David Lawrie in the New Year.

Antony Cholerton, the movement’s founder, will be recording a song called “The Children’s Fire” in the New Year with music producer David Lawrie.

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Cfm Dont Frack Our Planet

Don’t Let Them Frack Our Planet!

Important links and videos on the incredibly damaging process of fracking for gas – which has now (despite well documented fracking-related environmental and public health disasters in the USA) been given the green light here in the UK!

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