The creative promotional arm of the CFM.

zerochiefs is the creative promotional element (primarily musical) of the Children’s Fire Movement (CFM). Antony Cholerton, singer/songwriter and founder of the movement has for many years appreciated the power of popular music to transcend barriers to understanding, such as language, to emote change on a far broader scale.

The purpose of zerochiefs is to bring the CFM to larger audiences via mainstream radio stations and live performances. To be able to get a brief foot in the door of popular music stations, in order to speak to listeners about the movement, will be invaluable. Song downloads will also provide much needed funds to help keep the movement rolling along.

Moving ahead into 2014 we are working on co-creating a full set of songs performance ready for the festival stage, so please stay tuned – especially if you are a talented musician interested in becoming part of the lineup that will take our music out into the live arena!

Please contact us if you’re a talented musician interested in becoming part of zerochiefs.

Click here to learn more about the Children’s Fire Recording Project and help us to raise much needed funds.

Discover more about the movement’s founder, and singer/songwriter, Antony Cholerton.

zerochiefs news articles…

  • Post Cfsong Bw1

    Children’s Fire Song now available for download!

    The Children’s Fire promotional song is now available for download at

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  • David Lawrie

    Game on! Recording with David Lawrie in the New Year.

    Antony Cholerton, the movement’s founder, will be recording a song called “The Children’s Fire” in the New Year with music producer David Lawrie.

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