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The Children’s Fire Movement’s key mission is to assist communities that wish to form around the Life First ethic (a foundational concept that lies at the very heart of the movement).


Our community objectives…

1. To connect communities with approved providers of practical tools and training that embrace the life-first principle.

Though we recognise that sustainable change must first occur within the Self, it’s on a community level that we now need to see this taking place. The two are inextricably linked: we have developed a Community Council Learning Journey (or CCLJ programme) which is designed to support both new (and existing) communities but it’s successful realisation depends on individuals taking responsibility for their own part within the whole.

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2. To provide on-line networking tools, community forums and bespoke tools to support community processes.

We have already created an on-line network for Supporters of the Children’s Fire Movement which provides users with personal profiles, user groups, discussion streams and forums. Over time we will build new facilities into this in response to what the People (and the communities that form) actually need.

One future add-on for example will be to support a skills and resources share scheme –  individuals will be able to exchange their skills for someone else’s (webdesign for lawn mowing for example), or maybe in exchange for the loan of a power tool, wheelbarrow etc! How this all evolves will really depend on those who get involved.

This is a people’s movement –  run by the people for the people.


3. To catalyse and support the implementation of community projects.

We will be promoting  the movement, and the CCLJ programme across the UK and abroad (we have trained guides world-wide). This will be conducted in the form of introductory talks and workshops – wherever there is a calling for us to go. One of the main aspects of our CCLJ programme is to establish at least one community project that will benefit the wider, local community.

If you would like us to come and hold a talk or workshop in your area/community we would love to hear from you. You can contact us via our contact page.

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