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Finished recording ‘Hollow Bone’.

I’ve just got back from recording “Hollow Bone”, the acoustic b-side to the Children’s Fire promotional song. It was a nice transition between being on holiday with the family to being back in the office as usual (whatever usual is these days!). Working with David (the producer, David Lawrie) is always a good belly laugh and allows me to dance the dance of irreverence, sacred purpose and creativity.

“Hollow Bone” is a stripped back version of a track I’m hoping to include on the album next year – an album designed with the intention of playing live at festivals where we can talk about the Children’s Fire and what it represents for our future generations.

So, the recording’s all finished, it’s now just a case of sitting back and waiting for David to perform his mixing magic. Once the mixing is done Andy Wilson has again kindly offered to master the track for us.

Stay tuned… 🙂


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