A Quick Overview

A quick intro to the CFM...

The main focus of the movement is to bring individuals and organisations together, from all traditions and walks of life, around a deep caring for Life – for our future generations.

The primary ways to take action are…

(whether you represent yourself, a business, organisation, school or community group)

  1. AGREE:  inspire others and sign the Life First campaign on this website.

  2. PLEDGE:  make a deeper commitment (a pledge) to implement the Life First ethic into your life

  3. There are plenty of other ways to get involved with the Children’s Fire Movement – from informing your social networks to organising local events – you can get some ideas here, and check out our ‘Get Involved’ menu.


The 3 main components…

The ethic of Life First lies at the very heart of the Children’s Fire Movement and is informed by the wisdom of the Children’s Fire (Life First is not to be confused with pro-life!). We recommend you read this page next.

The Children’s Fire is a symbol of hope (from an ancient democracy of the Americas) that reminds us to prioritize our future generations and the continuation of life when making any decisions.

The Children’s Fire Movement C.I.C (or CFM)  is a peaceful, pragmatic group of individuals, businesses and organisations who care about our children’s future and the continuation of life.




resilience - trust - community - democracy

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