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CFM Memberships

Memberships enable a deeper level of involvement with the CFM and are a key component in taking the movement forwards.

Memberships provide the Movement with…

  • a vital financial lifeline
  • a diversity of perspectives from it’s members which helps keep the fire alive.

Memberships provide Members with…

  • a connection to like-minded individuals (both CFM Members and CFM Guides)
  • a vehicle for learning more about the movement and its core principles
  • a mechanism for getting more involved regarding the day to day activities of the organisation.
  • a portal for receiving guidance, training and peer-to-peer support (depending on your membership type) regarding the integration of the Children’s Fire into your daily life.

Memberships use our new community area hosted on the buddygroups online support platform. Publicly, the platform is still in it’s development phase but for in-house use it’s ready for us (the CFM) to start populating. Please note though that we have placed an initial cap on the number of members (120 to begin with) who can sign up for each pricing bracket in order to ensure that the platform continues to function efficiently as the population increases. Once we are satisfied that all is running well we will then open the platform up to the next wave of Members. Be part of the platform’s evolution as a CFM Member.


We currently have two membership options, Custodian and Guardian

We have structured our memberships to cater for various levels of involvement…

Custodian Membership

Guardian Membership


How to become a Member

  1. First you need to order the CFM Membership of your choice from the buddygroups store using one of the links on this page. Please ensure that you provide a valid email address during checkout as this will be used for your buddygroups platform profile.
    • is our parent organisation and is a UK non-profit, Community Interest Company.
    • all payments, whether by card or otherwise, are processed by a secure PayPal server.
  2. A Children’s Fire Movement Admin will setup your membership account and contact you regarding how to proceed.


CFM Bursaries

We are accepting donations to our Bursary Fund which was setup to assist people with receiving online support from the CFM. So, if you are interested in becoming a Member of the CFM but are unable to afford the fees please do feel able to contact us and let us know.



Please feel free to ask us questions regarding any of the above via our online contact form.




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