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  • talk to your friends, family and colleagues about us. There are no strings attached with the CFM and as we promote self-authority we are not aligned with any dogma  – we’re simply holding a torch for our future generations. So, please feel free to talk about us if you feel comfortable in doing so.
  • use our ‘Share the Fire’ form to invite others to visit the website and learn about the movement.  Click here for the ‘Share the Fire’ form. We will be creating a page soon that will enable you to visually track your sphere of influence as your friends tell friends, who tell friends, who tell friends…
  • promote us on your virtual social networks. SHARE our website on your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google etc and LIKE our Facebook page.


  • distribute posters and flyers. We will be uploading promotional materials to our website, in PDF format, that you can either print or distribute via email etc.
  • work with us to arrange a talk/workshop in your area. Let us know via our contact form and we’ll arrange for someone to liaise with you regarding arranging an event in your local community. This is a very important aspect of promoting the movement and in creating real, tangible change on the ground.


Businesses & Organisations

The body of wisdom that the Children’s Fire is a part of provides tools and concepts that benefit both individuals and groups, and so it makes sense that it is part of a model that also benefits the business environment. In fact, there are organisations and individuals who have been doing just that – taking this ancient wisdom into large multi-national companies and having great success.

Please feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with the appropriate people.

Government & Beyond…

I know sometimes it can be hard to believe, but MP’s are human beings too! We need to open dialogue at all levels of decision making in our societies to find creative ways of bridging the divides that form between us. The divides, that appear to separate us, can be due to many factors including the language that we use, our cultural values and socio-economic status. But  one thing that these factors all contribute to are the (often false) assumptions that we make about ‘the other’ – assumptions which are based upon our beliefs and values.


resilience - trust - community - democracy

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