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How we are receiving donations

The Children’s Fire Movement is part of a UK registered, non-profit Community Interest Company called buddygroups CIC. We use the public website to collect donations and receive Membership payments, whilst using the private buddygroups support platform to deliver our training programmes and host our Community Area.

Regarding banking, we chose a community bank account with the Cooperative which is tailored to our kind of ethical, non-profit organisation.

At the moment we can only receive online donations via PayPal (your PayPal account, debit/credit card etc). We can also be paid via direct transfer. Each of our Funds (see below) and Memberships (see here) are tagged accordingly so that we can manage what monies go where.

The Bursary Fund

Our Bursary fund was set up to assist individuals, and community groups, in raising funds to support their process of study and with integrating the principles of the Children’s Fire in their daily lives. This may go towards covering expenses such as course fees, one-to-one guidance, media costs etc.

The Maintenance Fund

These resources go towards the general maintenance and running costs of the CFM – without them we cannot continue to exist.  Examples of current items that require funding are:

  • Ongoing development of our online presence (and associated running costs of  the website such as server hire, software and hardware) including:
    • updating this public website (especially regarding mobile devices), which has begun.
    • maintenance and ongoing development of the buddygroups platform
  • Promotional materials for campaigning and attending events such as festivals and promotional workshops.
  • Promotional merchandising such as organic t-shirts, recycled wrist bands and eco car stickers.
  • Stationary, admin, the list goes on…

Or, Why not become a Member?

If you’d like a return on your contributions other than the feel-good factor of supporting our organisation, then why not become a CFM Member? Memberships connect you with other Members, including CFM Guides, and provide you with a vehicle for voicing your perspectives regarding the day to day activities of the CFM. Guardian Memberships also include an online training programme, which not only supports your health and wellbeing,  but your contribution to the world too.

Learn more about becoming a Member here.



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