The CFM Community

A community network for individuals who put Life First...

The CFM Community is the life blood of the movement and is comprised of both Supporters and Members



A Supporter is anyone who supports the movement by demonstrating their agreement with the core (Life First) ethic of the Children’s Fire Movement – you can start now by signing our Life First campaign. For other ways of supporting the movement you can visit our ‘Get Involved’ pages.

By signing the Life First campaign you will be touching in with an online community that shares your desire to leave a brighter legacy for our future generations. You’ll also be kept up to date regarding the latest Children’s Fire news, events and campaigns (please note that you can unsubscribe from this at any time).



Memberships are the next level of involvement and are focused upon supporting individuals and groups with integrating the wisdom of the Children’s Fire more deeply into their daily lives – in becoming the change. Memberships also provide the movement with a vital financial lifeline.

Learn more about CFM Community Memberships here.





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