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The movement wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include businesses too!

Part of our dream for the Children’s Fire Movement is that the logo becomes a voluntary kite-mark for forward thinking business ethics. We would like businesses to come forward and demonstrate their agreement with the need to place the continuation of Life, and our future generations, First (before profit, power and personal ambition) and to pledge their commitment towards integrating this, to the best of their abilities, into their daily business practices.

Take the first step and click here to be an inspiration to others by signing (as your Business) our Life First Campaign.

Businesses and organisations can play an important role, along side other community groups, in bringing about life-affirming change. Any organisations that pledge their commitment will feature prominently on our homepage as well as at public events, press releases etc.

Click here to become a Movement Supporter and we’ll take immediate steps to give your organisation the profile it deserves.

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