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Cfm Dont Frack Our Planet

Don’t Let Them Frack Our Planet!

Important links and videos on the incredibly damaging process of fracking for gas – which has now (despite well documented fracking-related environmental and public health disasters in the USA) been given the green light here in the UK!

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Nat Geo Manhatten Island

The Need…

Us humans are a diverse bunch indeed, but there is a real need that we all share – to re-establish balance and wholeness within the Self! Please note that this is not some woolly ‘out there’ statement that is only relevant to a select few…

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Pollyhiggins Tedx

‘Ecocide’, the 5th Crime Against Peace.

Polly Higgins, an environmental lawyer speaks at TEDxExeter about ‘Ecoside’, the 5th Crime Against Peace…

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