The Heart of the CFM

Who and what is at the heart of the Children's Fire Movement?

The Structure

The Children’s Fire Movement (CFM) is a UK based non-profit organisation which is in the process of establishing a new legal framework. The aim is to have a board that is held accountable by British Law, and who have studied the wisdom tradition that incorporates the Children’s Fire. Any decision making will be informed by a Wisdom Council of passionate, trained individuals and ultimately by the Children’s Fire which lies at the very heart of the movement. The Council will form a nucleus that is informed, monitored and supported by the wider community (that’s any Supporter of the movement who wants their voice to be heard and included in the process).

This structure would mean…

  • transparency.
  • no hierarchy or imbalance of power.
  • that the movement can evolve, adapt and always remain relevant to our communities, society and Life!

If you are a trained Council Guide, or simply feel passionate about the CFM concept and feel drawn to play a key part in the birth, and evolution of this project, please let us know via our contact form.

Discover the growing team of individuals behind the movement.


resilience - trust - community - democracy

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