Light a Children’s Fire

Leave a brighter legacy - light a Children's Fire!

Light your own Children’s Fire

Each year the Children’s Fire Movement (CFM) will be joining the Equinox and Solstice celebrations (though you needn’t wait for these dates to light a fire!) and asking every day folk, who are concerned about the environment and our future generations to light their very own Children’s Fire.

In a nutshell…

The children’s fire is a profound symbol, a reminder for us to put the continuation of Life (in all it’s diversity) and the well-being of our future generations first – before power, profit or personal ambition.

The purpose of these events is two-fold…

  1. To spread awareness of the Children’s Fire and what it stands for.
  2. To bring individuals and communities together around a deep caring for life and our future generations.

Already have your own plans?

Perfect! The Children’s Fire, on one level, is such a simple concept that weaving it into any existing plans you may have will be easy.

You needn’t wait for an Equinox either!

You can light a Children’s Fire any day – or every day (lighting a candle at meal times for example). And, it also feels good to know that on a specific date you’re joining other like-minded people in making a collective commitment to leave a brighter legacy for our future generations.

Can anyone attend?

Yes! It’s called the “Children’s” Fire but it’s actually talking to all of us (whether you have children of your own or not) – of how we can co-create a brighter legacy for our future generations. Ideally we’d like to see community groups getting behind this and arranging their own fire events. Ultimately though, anyone can light a fire in their garden (if it’s safe to do so) or simply light a candle in the privacy of their own home. As long as it serves to evoke the Children’s Fire in our thoughts and conversations, and begs the question…  what will my legacy be?

It all sounds a bit beardy-weirdy – is it a cult?

No, far from it! The Children’s Fire comes from a pragmatic body of indigenous wisdom of the Americas that actually encourages self-authority and self-responsibility among individuals. It is not dogmatic and inspires an open and questioning mind. The Children’s Fire was actually an integral part of the Circle of Law: an indigenous wisdom gathering and decision making structure (that inspired the original constitution of the USA!) and functioned as a ‘true democracy’.

Inspire others: record and upload your event

We’re also asking people to capture their fire events with still photography and video footage. The resulting material will appear on our website and Facebook pages to inspire others and show folks that they’re part of something bigger. But please note: it is very important that if you are taking footage to be used online that you obtain permission from all those who appear in it.



How to proceed…

If you are interested in setting up a community event, or simply interested in lighting a candle in the privacy of your own home, we’d love to hear about it. You can let us know via the contact form below. Please include your name and contact details and whether you’d like us to publish this on our website and Facebook page.

We’ll send more details out to you including suggestions regarding outline, focus and activities you could choose to include.

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