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The CFM needs YOUR support!

The CFM is a people-powered movement, both regarding it’s internal decision making,  locating the necessary resources to make things happen and in breathing it out into the world. To help us with this you can…

  • Offer your skills and/or services to the CFM. There are a whole range of activities that take place to keep the movement moving. The Children’s Fire Movement is being driven by passionate and dedicated individuals who give of their time for the promotion, maintenance and implementation of what lies at the heart of this cause – to safeguard our future generations. It’d be great to have you on board.  We’re very much in the beginning phase of rolling it out and so welcome your support (especially at this time) in whatever form that works.
  • Work with us to promote the movement in your area: Click here for this and other ways to promote the movement.
  • We’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop us a line if you think of any novel ways to promote, or support this movement in any way. Also, if you have any suggestions on how we may improve what we do – we’re all ears.
  • Donate. We know that this can be an unwelcome word, especially within the current economic climate and the plethora of calls that we receive each day from businesses and charities. But, in order to promote and sustain the growth of this movement we do rely on people power so anything that you can offer is truly appreciated – and know that it really is an investment in our collective future.

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