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Welcome / Getting Started (Please Read)

If this is your first visit to this page we would like to sincerely thank you for registering as a Supporter of the Children’s Fire Movement.

Upon logging in to your account for the first time there are a few things that we urge new Supporters to do…

1 Update your Supporter Account ‘Profile’
2 Update your Supporter Account ‘Settings’
3 Read our CFM User Guide
4 Make, and connect with, ‘Friends’





1 Update your Supporter Account ‘Profile’

Upload your Avatar

An avatar is an image that represents who you are on this website. By default a grey user icon will be selected as the avatar for you, but it’s best if you can replace this with your photograph, or a meaningful image that represents who you are. We ask this because avatar images appear in your public profile, on our Supporters List, Supporters Map (if you choose to be on the map) etc.

How to upload my avatar

Complete your profile information

You will notice that there are four ‘Profile Groups’ (‘Me!’, ‘Me and the CFM’, ‘Contact’ and ‘My Location’). Profile groups are simply sub sections of your Profile that help you organise your information.

  • Me! 
    • You actually completed the Me! section during registration. But, if you didn’t complete the “I am” field correctly please do so as this is displayed on your public pop-up profiles etc.
  • Me and the CFM
    • ‘Message’ field:  If you have an inspirational/supportive message to share with the public regarding the Children’s Fire and/or this movement please complete the ‘Message’ field.
    • ‘Pledge’ fields (if you choose to make the Pledge). 
  • ‘Contact’
    • Your contact details are a completely optional entry and, like most other profile fields, you can also determine who can see this information (see the tutorial below).
  • ‘My Location’ 
    • ‘My Location’ holds your address and map geo-location data (latitude and longitude) and related map options. Please complete your ‘County/State’ and ‘Country’ fields as these are required.
    • You do not need to appear on the map but we do urge you to as this helps site visitors get an idea as to the coverage and extent of CFM support – it provides an image of what they are becoming a part of!
How to update my profile
How to add my profile to the Supporters Map (optional)

2 Update your Supporter Account ‘Settings’


If you did not register your account your self, it may be that the CFM set it up on your behalf. In this case you will have a randomly generated password. To change this to something more memorable (whilst remaining secure)…

How to change my password

Email Notifications

The Supporter Community notifies you regarding a variety of changes to the system via email (Friends/Groups/Forums, and site-wide activity) and you can customise exactly which notifications you receive. All notifications are switched on by default.

How to change email notifications that I receive

3 Read our CFM User Guide and…

This resource is available but currently under development

4 Make, and connect with, ‘Friends’

 This resource is not yet available – coming soon!

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