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Children’s Fire Song now available for download!

The Children’s Fire promotional song is now available for download at When you order the track you will receive an instant download over at the ZeroChiefs bandcamp page. 

It’s for a good cause so please DOWNLOAD it 🙂

The download costs just £2 but it’s not capped at this so you can donate whatever figure you feel is appropriate – all proceeds go directly towards promoting / supporting the Children’s Fire Movement and our Life First campaign.

It’s a great song... well played, brilliantly produced and beautifully sung. It delivers an emotional punch without being the least bit sentimental (and I’m sure I saw Lennon nod in your direction as he drifted by).


Listen to the song now (just click on the play button to the left), but don’t forget to plug in some good headphones to make the most of the song’s dynamic range ;-)!

Download the song from

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Got in a loop - loud through the speakers - as I work. I love it. The part at the end when it becomes clear "Why" we need to care for the Children's Fire. Breathtaking...
This is so emotively potent... powerful lyrics that grip my heart and soul.
Powerfully beautiful.
I loved this! Very beautiful and inspiring

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