The Children’s Fire Song

A recording project to help promote the CFM.

The Purpose

To help promote the movement on a larger scale in 2013 Antony Cholerton, the founder of the movement, will be recording a song with upcoming music producer David Lawrie. The song, entitled “The Children’s Fire”, will be recorded early in the New Year, then mixed and mastered by David on his return to the United States during the summer. The purpose of this project is to get our foot in the door of radio stations, local and national, to help raise awareness of the movement (and the life-first philosophy) on a broader scale. Downloads will also help to raise funds to help maintain the movement.

The Song

Antony was inspired to write the “Children’s Fire” song after watching a particularly harrowing short film on Comic Relief (a fundraising television programme in the UK). The video focussed on children living in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Africa and revealed a level of poverty and social degradation that touched Antony deeply. Witnessing these disturbing scenes combined with the unwillingness of some people to even consider the plight of these children (because of challenges closer to home – mainly economic) inspired the composition of this song.

Music Producer, David Lawrie

Music Producer David Lawrie

David Lawrie studied for his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music Production and Studio Based Composition under Randall Whittaker and Dale Perkins at Leeds College of Music and currently works on both sides of the Atlantic with many different artists and organisations.

David produced Captain Wilberforce’s album Ghost Written Confessions which was released in August 2011, produced and co-wrote the sound design and score for Tortoise in a Nutshell’s theatre production The Last Miner, and also wrote and produced an album of music and spoken word with author David Lines Parasol (release date TBC).

You can check out David’s work @

“Antony got in touch with me to produce some pieces of music he had been working on about a year ago and it was clear from the lyrical content that there was a thematic signature to his songs. As I learned about The Children’s Fire, with a focus on improving inter-community communication on local, national and international scales, it became apparent that the songs could well become part of the overall promotion because, as we all know, music is a universal language, so what better way to launch the movement?

Antony is a passionately creative individual, and he understands that conveying a message effectively requires collaboration with people in different fields. I genuinely believe that The Children’s Fire’s premise, along with Antony’s business-like approach, has what it takes to become well known and establish itself as a great forum and union for communities to voice their opinions, concerns, suggestions and anything else that might be required in order to preserve integrity, rights and, ultimately, to provide a safe future for generations to come…”

News Updates

David and Antony recorded the track during early March 2013 with… Liam Ledgeway: drums, Marion Fleetwood: violin and viola Tori Rushton: cello, Antony Cholerton: vocals. They were also joined by the All Saints School Choir, which currently holds Performing Arts status. The track was produced by David Lawrie and then mastered by top mastering engineer, Andy Wilson.

With thanks to…
  • David Lawrie for his vision, skills and support.
  • Marion Fleetwood, Tori Rushton and Andy Hatcher for offering their musical talents ‘just for the love of it’ and some petrol money!
  • Liam Ledgeway for a spot-on drum track.
  • The All Saints School Choir.
  • Paul Johnston (of Rhythm Studios, Bidford On-Avon) for making his pre-recording room available to us.
  • Mum and Dad for their generous support.


Please support this project…

Please support this project…

Though we have already recorded the song, we still need your support to raise the necessary funds to pay back our benefactors who made this project happen. Funds will cover expenses such as production costs, equipment/studio hire etc.

Our target is £1300 and any help towards raising this is deeply appreciated…

To donate and support this project you can donate via our verified PayPal accountSimply click on the following donate button…


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