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The truth is, real long-term sustainable change is going to take more than simply adding names to an online campaign, though signing the campaign is a very important first step and does serve to inspire and catalyse change in others. So, if you haven’t done so already please click here to sign the Life First campaign).

The ultimate objective of this movement is to create real, tangible changes in the way we go about our daily lives on this planet – changes that will help safeguard the continuation of life. This will only happen when individuals, organisations and community groups commit to truly realising this change – by walking the talk and putting Life-First into action.

Our main actions towards supporting this change…

  1. an online community area designed to support individuals and groups in putting Life First and integrating the Children’s Fire into their daily lives.

    The buddygroups support platform, after more than two years of development,  is now ready for us to host our online community.  We have two types of Membership that will have access to this area: the Custodian and Guardianship Memberships. The suite is built upon the use of accountability groups (could be just you and a friend/mentor, a study group or the entire CFM community) to support behaviour change in the Self. Having knowledge and the right tools for the job is only part of the picture – when it comes to creating truly lasting change, human support and accountability is vital.

    Learn more about CFM Memberships here.

  2. training programmes

    We will be delivering two training programmes: the one programme, which is initially an introductory online programme and the Community Council Learning Journey or CCLJ


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