the one programme



The one programme is a collaboration between buddygroups and the Children’s Fire Movement and provides a contemporary, yet ancient journey through which participants can explore and develop the Self.

This life changing programme is a required component of our CFM Guardian Memberships and provides a pragmatic, life-affirming introduction to the body of wisdom that informs the Children’s Fire. Like the Children’s Fire, it is a calling to our highest human potential and, via fostering sustainable practices for health and wellbeing, is geared to support participants in becoming the change they wish to see in the world.

The one programme can support participants with  ● improving health & wellbeing ● reducing stress ● establishing new behaviours ● surfacing purpose in life ● finding peace amidst the challenges of 21st century living ● re-discovering our true, undomesticated, nature.

resilience - trust - community - democracy

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