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Make the Pledge to integrate the Life First ethic into your
every day, whether you're an individual or large organisation.

Make the Pledge
What is the Pledge?
The Need to Pledge
How do I make the Pledge?





What is the Pledge

To make the Pledge is to make a commitment to put Life First in every thought, word and action – it’s a commitment to Life and to our future generations.

Voicing your agreement with what the CFM stands for, and spreading the word about the movement’s existence are both important undertakings (see our ‘Life First‘ and ‘Share‘ pages). AND… the main objective of the movement is to create real, tangible changes in the way we go about our daily lives on this planet – changes that will ensure the continuation of life. This will only happen when individuals, organisations and community groups commit to truly realising this change – to putting Life-First into action and “walking the talk”!

So, what will your pledge look like?

Your pledge may be a simple statement such as “I pledge to integrate the principles of Life-First into my daily life”, or it may be more detailed. The key thing is that your heart is in it – that you feel what you say. Once made, we can support you in following through on your pledge – you needn’t go it alone (see the ‘How do I make the Pledge’ section below).

The pace and depth to which we implement the Children’s Fire is a choice that we all need to take individually – it’s a choice that affects the world we live in, moment by moment, for you, me, our children and our children’s children. 



The Need to Pledge

There is an increasingly obvious need for a peaceful, democratic and life-honouring way forward that will provide a brighter legacy for our future generations.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that we live in a time where so often the needs of the many are outweighed by the short-term benefits of the few. And in order to maintain the inequality of this model, we have become dependant on a system that is fragile, unstable and destroying the very environment that we are a part of.

Read this article which goes into a little more depth about the need to pledge.



How do I make the Pledge?

On one level, making the Pledge is as simple as completing a field in your Supporter’s Profile! It’s also a deep commitment to Life, and to yourself.

To make the pledge on our website you need to register as a CFM Supporter, which is easy, and simply complete the pledge field in your profile. Click here to register as a Supporter now.

You can also make the pledge to put life first on the website which no longer requires you to be a Facebook user to take part.

Making the Pledge is going to be a unique experience for everyone – we all have our preferred methods of learning and we’ve all been shaped by a rich diversity of life experiences. One thing is for sure, if you make the pledge you won’t be doing so alone (if you choose), as the people of this movement will be with you all the way. There are also many guides and organisations world-wide who have been trained to support individuals, groups, communities and businesses in integrating the principles and structures which lie at the heart of the Children’s Fire Movement.

Click here for a world map showing all Supporters who are also trained Council Guides.

Or here for a table of trained Guides.

PLEASE NOTE that these resources are still in their early days (in line with the readiness of this website) and will feature many more guides when this site is ready to go live on a much larger scale. In the meantime please feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with the appropriate people.



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